The Native Fishing Association is involved in the following initiatives and projects. Follow the links provided for more information. Indigenous fishers with more than one business can apply for a loan/grant for each business they own.

Emergency Loan -Indigenous Business Stabilization Program

Please click the link to get the application form and begin the process of accessing the Indigenous Business Stabilization Program Emergency Loan Program.  The program supports a loan/grant of up to $40,000 of which 75% or up to $30,000 is a zero percent interest loan with no payments for the first 12 months, and 25% or up to $10,000 is a non-repayable grant.

If you need help or have questions please feel free to contact Chelsea at 604-913-2997 between 9-4:30 Monday -Friday or via email at

IBSP – ELP Business Application NFA

NFA Additional$20K ELP Business Application for upgrading


The NFA developed a Licence Bank proposal, which proposes for DFO policy to be amended to allow the NFA to officially own reduced fee fishing licences and lease or sell them to, or buy them from Native Fishermen.

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The Native Fishing Association conducted a survey to determine the numbers of Aboriginal fishermen that are left in the industry in British Columbia. The objective of this fisheries survey is to create a database that captures the current situation of First Nations fishermen and communities.

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In January 2013, the NFA hosted a Communities Conference with the purpose of seeking guidance from the attending parties on: how the Native Fishing Association and the assets it administers can best be used to encourage and enhance Aboriginal Fishers participation in all aspects of BC Commercial Fisheries; discuss community needs and ideas in relation to PICFI; explore what communities can achieve with a unified voice; and, identify and document common ground and goals.

Click here to read the NFA Communities Conference Summary